Monday, June 18, 2012

JW Scandal - California Sex Abuse Case

I rarely post on JWN or on this blog anymore, I have mostly moved on from the JW world, except for my JW mom still being in it.  However a court case in California caught my attention.

I am saddened by the fact that there even had to be a court case.  Why did this young lady have to go through this whole thing at all?  I am saddened by the fact that Ms. Conti was abused in the first place.  I hate that Watchtower, et al covered this up with their policies.  As a former JW elder, I never had to deal with a child sex abuse case myself, for which I am grateful.

I am very glad to see that Ms. Conti got her day in court AND WON.  It is not about the money.  It is about finally taking the gag out of the victims' collective mouths and giving them a voice - a voice that has long been silenced by The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society (i.e., Jehovah's Witnesses).

If you are currently an elder, I hope this case makes you think long and hard about the position you are in.  If not for the right reason, then for self-preservation, you should resign as an elder.  If you know about cases you have kept quiet until now, come forward.

I do not embrace hate lightly, but I hate pedophiles.  And I hate those that hide them.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wow...18 months has flown by

I was inspired to post something on my blog after reading my friend Anthony Mathenia's blog (over at ).

I had originally started this blog to protect the SITT moniker on blogspot... and maybe post some musings. Mostly I have been doing this on the ex-JW forum (the old JWD).

Since my last (and I think only) posting, I have met a great gal (never a JW) whose paths I had crossed with over the years and her (then 8YO) son. He is now 9 and we are engaged. Marriage is hopefully sooner than later, but out committment to each other is just as strong. They moved in with me September 2009 and we are having a great life.

I will post some more later, but as I say in my brief bio on JWD...I am lazy about updating this blog...very lazy....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Another year gone by...reflections (ok..ramblings)

As my birthday creeps up on me tomorrow, I think, what's the big deal? Funny, I am now free to celebrate it (though of course if I were caught by any JW elders, I would be DF), but don't really care to.

The last time I celebrated my birthday was when I was 3, maybe 4, before my mom started studying with JWs. I don't remember it. I only know because of a few rare photos of me and cake and an old metal toy jeep that I got as a present and had for years afterwards.

Who knew that, decades later, most of my JW friends have turned their collective backs. Some will still wave if they see me, one or two call once in awhile to "check up on" me (aka, seeing if I am going back to and when they find out that I am not....conversation winds down quickly...but mostly I hear nothing..... they closed the door to our friendship, not me.

I think the problem is that most JWs have nothing else to talk about with someone in my position ("fader"). We have lots that we could talk about, but nothing they will talk about. Recently a JW friend who is as close to a big sister as one could ask told me "we can talk about anything except my religion." Hmmmm...someone got to her..and what's this "my" religion? Oh, that's right, it't not Snakes' religion anymore.... we talk once a month..and I suspect that will end soon....

My former best friend and former roommate...and former fellow elder..... hasn't contacted me in months.... we used to have coffee once a month or more...but the last time was awkward (for him I think, not me)....everything he wanted to talk about...once we got past work....was about JW-related things....and I didn't provide much feedback.... I am interested in what he is doing in his life...including the JW stuff....I just didn't give any indication I was "returning to the flock."


So as I reflect on life, I am wrapping up yet another semester of college studies. I hope this Associates is finished by Summer 2009. From there I don't know. As one of my much younger classmates said to everyone in a class recently: "Don't ask {Snakes} about next week, he is only worried about today and this quiz, not the next one."

Exactly. I worry about my current deadlines and obligations. The future is the future. A little brigter post-JW....

Have a good holiday everyone...all 3 of you that might happen across this blog....


Monday, September 29, 2008

9/23/08: One Year Since I Left

Well, its actually 6 days past the anniversary date. The last time I stepped foot into a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. I remember that morning because I hadn't been in about 6 weeks. Our building was being remodeled and we were meeting elsewhere... well, "we" editorially. "I" was not meeting anywhere.

No one bothered to tell me that they were back in their building. I just showed up that Sunday morning and it happened that it was their first meeting back. Really, the only reason I showed that morning was I was curious to see how they spent a quarter million dollars on a complete gut job. It was pretty... but to coin a phrase.... "lipstick on a pig...." well you know the rest..."is still a Kingdom Hall."

A long time friend was giving the public talk. It was all I could do to keep from screaming. I had already mentally checked out of the Watchtower cult. I knew this would be my last meeting. 45 minutes later (30 minute talks didn't start for a couple of months), the talk over, I gathered my songbook and bible and left. One brother asked where I was headed. I told him (truthfully) "to work."

As I left the parking lot that morning, I thought "{Snakes}, you will never set foot in a Kingdom Hall again...this is the end of a major chapter of your life." I can't even imagine doing so for a funeral or a wedding (both which are reduced to Watchtower Infomercials..if you never have been to one, go... see what I mean).

Freedom is funny. Freedom to think, to do, to be. With freedom comes responsibility. However, such responsibility is not burdensome, unlike all of the arbitrary (and unscriptural) rules and regulations imposed by a group of old men running a cult out of Brooklyn, New York (and likely soon out of Patterson, NY) who are out of touch with reality. No, this responsibility says that I should be a decent human being, treat others with kindness and respect, help others when I can.... and enjoy this life to the full...there is no other.

I continue my college education. I was asked by a female friend lately (a friendship started on eHarmony) what I wanted to do when I grew up.... funny since I am in middle age now....but it made me think... I am just now growing up. Maybe in a year or so I will slow down on the classes and find a real job.

I like my job though... I work when I want, hours I want, days I want. Right now I am getting ready to go to campus and do homework.

This was the last major landmark in my exit out of the cult called Jehovah's Witnesses. I am saddened that my mom is still in it. I won't burst her bubble anymore than I have. Most of my JW friends have turned their backs. The remainder will soon, especially if this blog is discovered and connected back to me and I were to be formally expelled. Ironic, it was a blog just like this that caused a friend to be disfellowshiped (expelled) from the JWs...a judicial committee I served on. Good thing he is a forgiving sort.

I figure I ought to post something occasionally. I have something else to report on, a recent hounding from an elder, but that story will have to wait another day.

Friday, August 8, 2008

How I ended up at JWD ...and out of the JWs.

I lurked on JWD for many years. I was an elder in the congregation at the time and read on the public section of the board. I always knew something was wrong with the Organization, but couldn't quite put my finger on it.

What led me there was a internet search of the UN. In our congregation, there was a young brother that had questions about the WTBTS and its association with the UN. Our (at the time) secretary wrote a letter to the Society inquiring about this tidbit of information. Now, anyone who has acquired any position in the Organization knows that if you write a letter to "Mother," it is likely to be forwarded to the local BOE and the CO. Such was the case. The secretary wrote the letter without the knowledge of any of the other elders (as it should have been, it was a private matter). The Society forwarded a copy to us with an explanation of the UN matter. I have always regretted not copying that letter, as I later became secretary and easily could have. We were instructed to share "points" or "highlights" with the publisher questioning it, but we could not let him read the letter itself.

This was the beginning of the end for this young brother and the Organization. Long and short: We disfellowshipped him. Partly because of a blog exactly like this one. Irony is fun.

With that background in mind, I searched UN and came across Randy's FreeMinds site. ( There was a link about the UN thing to JWD..and thus began my association with what turned out to be a life-saver for me.

I lurked for a long time, finally started posting in Feb 2007. By that time, I had been deleted as an elder for a month or so..... and I have been at JWD ever since.

I don't pretend to be the most insightful poster; Blondie and others have that wrapped up. If I helped anyone during my tenure there, great. I hope I can help others get out. I wish of all people my mom would wake up and smell the coffee. Alas, that is probably not going to happen.

I eventually expect to be busted and DF'd by the Borg, probably because of this blog. Ironic, isnt it?

Regards, Snakes

Lots of buzz over at JWD

I was shocked the other night as I was perusing the "Active Topics" link on Simon's JWD board and ran across his late night announcement...closing down the board. It was late, 1130pm or so CDT Wednesday night (8/6/08) here in the States. I was probably one of the first to see it and the second to post to it. I was reading kind of slow, in shock.

Now that we know it is true, as of this morning (8/8), that announcement had over 15,000 views and 375 posts. Too bad Simon wasnt paid for each view. Kidding aside, that board has been priceless.

I will post some more here about how I came to JWD in the first place.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why SnakesInTheTower ?

What a strange name for a blog(ger). It started out as a tongue in cheek joke. As an inactive Jehovah's Witness, I was looking for answers to questions I had about the religion of my youth and really my entire adult life. I was what is called a "fader," someone who gradually leaves the faith rather than just quit suddenly or resign. In the JW religion, you can't just resign without repercussions. If you are disfellowshipped (excommunicated) or disassociate (resign), then the rest of the members of the faith are told to shun you...even family members that are active JW's are not supposed to talk to you...since my mom is still an active member, and I still have a few JW friends, I don't want to lose that lifeline to them. So I had to choose a screen name rather than my own.

SnakesInTheTower has two meanings. First, I believe that the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses are the real "snakes" in the {Watch}tower. Ruining people's lives with arbitrary, non-biblical rules. The second meaning, is that they (the elders, GB, other higher ups at WTBTS) would consider me to be a snake in their tower... so be it.

I kept the SITT name for this blog to remain somewhat anonymous and for friends from the (soon to be) defunct ex-JW discussion board JWD. One day, I would like to tell my whole story, but for now, I have my JW mom to think about.

Feel free to comment.